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Music is beautiful

I am not a good music critic.  I have no training.  I have tried to play saxophone and guitar but I lacked the talent and discipline to develop those skills further than what you would consider acceptable for middle school…no…that isn’t correct.  There are middle school directors out there who are doing amazing things.

I need to make a space for myself to curate and collect music that stops me in my tracks.  During this Covid pandemic I like many other am working away from home (blessed and thankful that I have a job that allows me to do this).  While working from home I am spending a tendentious amounts of time consuming music online, primarily via YouTube.  In this blog I want to start to collect and organize my thoughts on that music that I discover or music that I have known.  I hope to get some thoughts down around each piece and give my insight as to why this piece of music stops me in my tracks.

I am so happy to have any audience but it is not required.  This is my own musing, most of which I am sure will be technically inaccurate and superficial.  But nevertheless these things give me joy.

Tomorrow the origin for the title of this post.


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