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From the desk of the Managing Director

Posted by tcgadmin on January 20, 2009

I started The Connell Group (TCG) to provide Premier IT Project Management Services to clients in the Public, Private and Non-profit sectors.  Our customers look to TCG to provide the bridge between the Business Process and the IT Solution.  Our customers hold TCG accountable for the success of their IT projects and to ensure that the developers “get it” and we believe that is how it should be. 

The Business Process has to be enhanced by the IT solutions, not forced into fitting into an off the shelf solution.

I have a basket of IT tools, none of which do exactly what I want, instead they are cobbled together in a patch work of applications and processes that my staff hates.

-Program Manager explanation of current frustrations 

 So how are we going to do this for your organization?   We listen to you, your staff and your stakeholders.  We can’t re-engineer your business process if we don’t first have a better than average understanding of that business process.  Our communication techniques are smart, direct and simple.  We develop user stories, use cases and wire frames that illustrate your unique process.  Throughout the development process we invite our customers to take a hands-on approach.  Gone are the days of the development team disappearing for 6 months only to return with a product they proclaim is better then anything the customer could have imagined, yet when the product is rolled out it conflicts with how your office conducts business.

Thank you for your time and if any of this struck a chord with you, or gives you pause before jumping off the cliff of your next major IT initiative please give us a call. 


Bill Connell
Managing Director TCG


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